Undressed: Fairtrade

What is Fair Trade?

A social movement making a difference to the lives of people in South America, Africa and Asia. FairTrade helps people combat poverty and take control of their own lives. How? Farmers grow products with respect to the environment and in return, they are paid fairly.

Thanks to FairTrade, everyone has the power to change the world. By shopping consciously, you can help farmers live the life they deserve.

Is my product Fair Trade?

Look out for the blue and green logo set against a black background to identify a FairTrade product.


Alternatively, a product may have a white oblong mark featuring the FairTrade Cocoa Program / FairTrade Cotton Program / FairTrade Sugar Program label. The FairTrade Program so far only covers three raw materials: cocoa, cane sugar and cotton. However, they are looking to expand in the future.


Members of the world FairTrade organization produce products including GEPA, EZA, El Puente, Libero Mondo and Traidcraft.

Where can I buy Fair Trade products?

Several online stores offer a large range of FairTrade products, for example:

For a detailed list of companies that sell certified Fair Trade products on the Czech market, take a look here.

Or why not check out Dedicated, stocked online and in-store. Their sweatshirts are made from 100% organic cotton certified by Fairtrade.

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