KRISTYNE Bags: smart, pretty and sustainable!

We have interviewed Kristýna Rezlerová – Founder & Managing Director of the KRISTYNE Bags brand. Let’s find out more about these adorable handmade and completely eco-friendly bags!

Describe your brand in a few sentences

Our brand specializes in the production of crocheted handbags made from recycled yarn which is obtained from the waste of the textile industry. The main goal is to be a sustainable and eco-friendly brand, also to have fashionable products.

What is the story of Kristyne bags? How did it all start?  

As an office worker, I knew it was not the right job I wanted to do. Also I have always been a bit of a creative soul and I wanted to have my own bussiness. I once saw a crocheted bag on the internet and I wanted to crochet it by myslef. I’ve never crocheted before, so it was difficult for me to make something like that. I started with learning to crochet through youtube videos. It was a lot of fun for me and I still enjoy it very much. I created the first purse and published it on Instagram. It never occurred to me that this could be a full-time job. I started getting more and more orders and I ended up starting a full-time business. It was the right decision. Now I everyday do what I believe in and what I really enjoy.

Can you tell us more about the production process of your products?

First of all It is not very easy to find the material. Because it is a recycled material that we use, the offer of color shades is not consistent. So sometimes it is very challenging to find the right supplier with the right colour shade and the amount I need.

The production process is not easy at all. The handbag must be precisely crocheted to be symmetrical and to keep its shape. It takes several hours to crochet the handbag base. The next step is to sew a zipper or lining, which only can be sewn by hand. So it is also very time consuming. Then I pin up the metal rings and chain or where appropriate, sew an eco-leather strap. The last step is to sew on the labels. 

So it is not the serial manufacturing, it takes time to have the final product done. Also we create the products precisely with love and care. Every handbag we make is original.

Personally, what does sustainability mean to you? 

Sustainability for me is that when I am buying something, I know who made it, where it was made and which materials where used. Also I know that the product is well processed so I can use it again. Also I am trying to live minimalistic. Not to cary a lot of stuff, just the ones I really need. So as with my clothes. I have mostly neutral colour clothes. And I am just trying to not buy everything I like or do not need.

As a sustainable brand, what are your biggest challenges?

The biggest challenge is that we are living in a consumer society. That is a standard for a lot of people and they are used to buy a lot of low quality and cheap products. They do not understand that manufacturing a handmade product consumes a lot of work and time, which is the reason why handmade products are way more expensive. In fact they are actually not, the price is right, but the price for the fast produced things are too low. That is what the society needs to learn. 

Where do you gain inspiration?

Inspiration comes to me suddenly, sometimes when I am walking my dog ​​or sometimes in a dream at night.

What is your favourite item from your assortment and why?

My favorite product is the classic round bag I originally started the bussiness with. The production is just so comforting for me now because I know precisely how to create it. After I made a lot of these I do it more quicker than the other bags.

What is the story behind your brand’s name?

None. I just named the brand after myself to have it personal. And to let people know that is an actual person standing by the brand and manufacturing.

What made you choose Eco Fashion Labels to sell your products?

I found this site while browsing the internet. I started to find more info about it and said to myself this is the right platform for my brand. So I told myself why not try?!

What are the biggest challenges sustainable fashion is facing right now? 

As I said above. People just have to learn that the suistainable fashion just makes sense. Firstly for us people – We can buy clothes that are made form people to people with love. That we buy for example a good quality t-shirt that we can wear over and over and It will appear just the same. In the end we save a lot of money if we stop buying cheap clothes in large quantities. 

Secondly It is important for our planet. About 8 000 liters of water is needed to make one pair of jeans and about 2 500 liters to make one t-shirt when we are talking about the fast fashion. It is enormous and devastating. So I think it just needs some time to get people understand this and I hope that the right time is now.

What can be improved in this sector? 

Definitely people’s awareness about fast fashion facts. I think that everyone can understand that slow fashion lifestyle is the right one. Overall, it needs to be slowed down a bit.

If you want to find out more about these bags, go ahead and purchase one of these bags! We look forward to hearing your opinion as well.

Link to Kristyne Bags:

By: Lisa Finetti

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