Happily dressed, green and fair: Dress ECOde

Dress ECOde is a project born in Italy, but aimed at international users, to help those who want to adopt a lifestyle that is more attentive to people and the environment, both privately and professionally. The main means to achieve this goal are: information, training and consultancy to companies, brands and artisans.


Dress ECOde‘s slow, independent and reliable news portal can give appropriate and objective indications on how to embark on a path towards sustainability, with a focus on clothing. Knowing allows you to acquire awareness, to act with greater responsibility for a better world. The blog, both in Italian and English, offers many interesting and current topics. A podcast channel has also been developed, where you can listen to the articles and some live interviews. Dress ECOde organizes courses, workshops and presentations to explain the impact of the fashion industry and offer suggestions on how to dress and make clothes in a more sustainable way.
The platform allows brands and activities committed to sustainability to spread, in particular smaller businesses, which often encounter greater obstacles in increasing their visibility.


The services dedicated to brands, companies and businesses to be successful in a sustainable way are based on advice on production and communication processes. Dress ECOde contributes to spread the ethical and sustainable business model from a social, environmental and economic point of view, in particular with alternatives to fast fashion. In this field too, attention is paid to small businesses, which often have difficulty in accessing managerial tools and knowledge. That’s what we aim to do at Eco Fashion Labels too!

The founder

Arianna De Biasi is the founder of this site. Her passion for causes that respect people and the environment led her to quit a career as a management consultant and start a sustainable project, with focus on the fashion world. Not only passion but also study: Arianna attended the courses of Sustainable Fashion Design at the London College of Fashion, Sustainable Business Strategy of Harvard Business School and MBA in Sustainable Fashion Management.
An important part of the project is linked to participation in actions in defense of people and the environment, and to charity in favor of social and/or environmental causes.


Dress ECOde aims to support all consumers in the choice of sustainability that can be economic and without sacrificing style. For this reason it is perfectly in line with the principles of Eco Fashion Labels. All Dress ECOde users can access an introductory kit that contains useful guides, the map of sustainable clothing stores (the first one created in Italy) and answers to the most frequently asked questions. Those who create fashion can rely on a platform in which support, respect and sharing are the protagonists.


By: Elisa Botticella

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