We’re staying woke in style with the brand EWOKE

We interviewed Shruti Rawal, the co-founder of the sustainable fashion brand EWOKE. Read the brand’s story below:

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your brackground.

I’m Shruti Rawal, the co-founder of my brand Ewoke. I am a Fashion Design graduate from the National Institute of Fashion Technology in India. I have always been an eco-conscious person. After witnessing the behind the scenes of the fashion industry, I wanted to create conscious fashion and be a part of the change.

2. Describe your brand in a few sentences.

Ewoke is a sustainable clothing brand where fashion meets purpose. We design clothes using certified eco-friendly fabrics while being in vogue to curb climate change. Ewoke features apparels for the globetrotters, handmade with love just for you.

3. What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability is a choice, one where we decide to live in harmony with the beautiful yet limited resources of the planet. Responsible consumption and responsible production form the crux of this new wave of awareness and appreciation of our planet.

4. Can you tell us a bit more about the manufacturing process of your products?

Our mission is to curb climate change, reduce soil and water pollution, and water consumption. All of our raw materials are consciously picked after evaluating the environmental profit and loss. All the fabrics are biodegradable or recycled, having minimal carbon footprint like hemp. Our trims come from natural resources like wood and shell. This ensures a closed loop between the natural resources and products.

5. Where do you gain inspiration?

From the miraculous waves of the ocean to the mirage of the desert, we take inspiration from all things natural at the studio. These timeless pieces are made for the conscious soul using eco-friendly fabrics, processes and techniques.

6. What’s the story behind your brand’s name?

Ewoke stands for being environmentally woke!

7. What inspired you to create your business? How did it all start?  

My first encounter with sustainable fashion was when I designed an upcycled collection and won a design award for it. The fashion industry contributes to 10 % of the global carbon emissions. Being a part of the design fraternity, I knew I had to provide an alternate. This led to the birth of Ewoke, with a clear mission to curb climate change. We aim to provide eco-friendly wardrobes for women for work and away.

8. What are some of the products you have created that are closest to your heart? Please share them with us!

We have designed a jacket made out of Hemp fabric. It is embellished with a floral embroidery pattern all over. It would come across as a print, when seen in a picture. It is that delicately crafted. That jacket is one of my absolute favourites that I take so much pride in. It was also our first jacket ever made at the studio. It really holds a special place in my heart.

9. How did you adapt to the current situation? What are the challenges you faced and how did you tackle them?

Covid was an insightful experience and time for everyone. We learnt quite early on the need to pivot as a business. Our product offerings changed, the way of working changed and the fundamentals of wanting to be an experiential brand- took a backseat. We decided to create capsule collections to address the times, use ecommerce as a channel for sale, and use the power of social media to engage with our community of planet and fashion lovers.

10. What made you choose Eco Fashion Labels to sell your products?

A holistic platform like Eco Fashion Labels is ideal for us to reach out to eco-conscious consumers across the globe who love fashion and the planet. It provides transparency between the consumers and the brands about the brand’s sustainable values, fair trade practices and a complete range of clothing, and accessories on one platform.

11. What do you think the near future looks like for independent/sustainable brands like yours?

There is an increasing awareness among people about climate change and a sustainable lifestyle. It is always going to be a continuous process of research, innovation and learning for brands as well to keep getting better and more sustainable in their processes. To reach out to more consumers and creating an awareness is the most exciting part of the process. The new year feels full of hope to achieve all our goals!

12. What are the greatest challenges you think sustainable brands face?

Pricing and transparency. There is a constant comparison to fast fashion products when it comes to determining the price for even an ethically made product. This along with faux marketing of products as sustainable, are major challenges faced by sustainable brands.

13. What can be improved in this sector?

Certifications can greatly help consumers and brands buy authentic products. This will also help them trust their investment in sustainable products. Sustainable brands can also come together to combine resources and make a bigger impact and fight the multinational companies ruling the fashion industry at present.

Shop EWOKE today on Eco Fashion Labels: https://ecofashionlabels.com/collections/ewoke

We thank Shruti for taking part in the interview with us 🙂

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Written by: Chantal 🙂

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