Top 4 Sustainable Lifestyle Blogs You Should Start Reading Today

As climate change and ecological issues have become a global challenge in our days, we are faced with the need to turn to sustainable living that will benefit us and nature alike. With this need to adapt to contemporary issues, we’ve seen a significant increase in the number of blogs and online materials focused on giving practical advice and helpful instructions about environmentalism. However, mass media is full of unreliable sources which worsens digital safety. In this article, I’m happy to share with you the 4 best informative and exciting blogs that focus on the importance of an eco-lifestyle. They may become your friends on your journey as a conscious consumer and Earth-lover!

Making a Green Life by Lily

“Making a Green Life” by Lily in 4 words: stunning, fashionable, elegant, and eco.

“Making a Green Life” is an eco-lifestyle blog run by Lily, a Japanese blogger who is passionate about sustainable interior design and ethical fashion. Lily finds happiness following a conscious lifestyle and making thoughtful routine decisions. Lily shares her experiences with her readers to promote both healthy relationships with nature and ecological awareness. The main focus of the blog is to show and distribute more sustainable, eco-friendly, aesthetic and soul-nourishing home decor. “Making a Green Life” by Lily will guide you into sustainable fashion which demonstrates the concept of “quality over quantity” when it comes to mental wellness.

Check out the blog HERE is a blog for conscious consumers run by Rebecca, a sustainable living blogger, mom, and California-girl born in Sweden. In her blog, Rebecca documents her journey to a more conscious life in which she shares her findings on products, services and innovative solutions that benefit our health, sustainability, and the planet in general. The blog is aimed at sharing the latest news and ideas about environmentalism. Rebecca aspires to a circular economy, and writes about circular fashion, regenerative agriculture, and circular design products. is the right place for everyone who is starting their sustainable living journey!

Check out the blog HERE

Our Good Brands

“OurGoodBrands” is an eco-entertainment hub for consumers and brands to make fully conscious decisions. The platform features “social + eco” enterprises that bring sustainability, eco-friendly and ethical practices to the forefront. In this digital magazine, readers can find useful eco-guides, full-of-eco-ideas podcasters, curated books on environmentalism, relevant documentaries and ted talks. “OurGoodBrands” also works closely with and supports eco brands to promote sustainable fashion on a global level regardless of the size of the brand. By spreading awareness & communicating eco-brands’ values, “OurGoodBrands” gets more people appreciating ethically and sustainably made alternatives. To start an ethical and sustainable living journey, this eco-hub is a sanctuary for all environmental enthusiasts!

Check out the blog HERE

Ocean Pancake

Ocean Pancake is run by a PADI Scuba Diving Instructor, Physics Graduate, curious adventurer, and just an ocean lover, Katt. Ocean Pancake aims at protecting oceans and the planet by making sustainable changes in everyday life by focusing on low waste, conscious consumption, and a plant-based diet. The main motto of the blog is “Ocean conservation starts withyou!”. Therefore, the channel actively promotes sustainable behaviour through its newsletter where readers can receive updates and news about the zero-waste movement, sustainability, and the protection of oceans.

Check out the blog HERE

Going sustainable is easier when there is someone who can guide you to follow an eco-friendly lifestyle. Let’s leave only green steps on the ground as well as in the oceans.

Thank you for reading! 🙂

Written by: Adelya & Kateřina

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