Be kind to the planet – Lessons from the brand Pure One

Pure One is a sustainable and ethical brand for inspiring and conscious women who change the world by their inner light, kind deeds and true values. It’s perfect for those who do not want to choose between sustainability and beauty-you can have both! We did an interview with one of the brand’s founders – check it out below;

Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

My name is Marina, I love traveling, yoga, my family and our planet.

For 15 years I worked in Marketing, and I also organised different events such as the first conference on ecology GreenCamp, the biggest festival of healthy lifestyle in Ukraine named Best Food Fest, and international Days of Inspiring Films etc.

My partner Nina is also my best friend since childhood, we have a lot in common so it’s no wonder we created our project together.

Nina worked for 5 years as an CFO in the International IT company and 5 years as a financial director of the group of 13 companies.

Describe your brand in a few sentences.

Pure One is a sustainable and ethical brand that creates conscious and elegant fair-trade fashion.

We use only ethically sourced, biodegradable, certified organic and eco-friendly fabrics. We are constantly exploring the latest innovations to make Pure One products more sustainable and to make our world a better place.

What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability means to return to ourselves, to the awareness that we are an indivisible part of nature. Our planet was built trillions of years ago, and we always had everything we needed for a full life: air, water, soil, a huge variety of flora and fauna. And our vocation is to live in harmony with this ideal world, to use it carefully and to preserve it for future generations. This is sustainability for us. That’s why our goal is to become a regenerative company that gives back to nature.

Can you tell us a bit more about the manufacturing process of your products?

We create our clothes in a small studio in Kyiv, Ukraine, where we ensure a safe and comfortable work environment, and provide fair compensation to local women and artisans who are working with us.

We choose only organic, ethical and biodegradable fabrics and source them from responsible factories in Europe. The organic peace silk we use is sourced from India.

All Pure One suppliers also adhere to the principles of sustainable development, transparency, circular economy, care for natural resources, produce fabrics with minimal impact on the environment, and use only natural methods of dyeing.

Pure One uses all resources as efficiently as possible, accumulates small amounts of fabric, produces only what meets current needs, and turns the leftover fabrics into accessories.

Where do you gain inspiration?

We gain inspiration from everything we do during our everyday life: in our yoga practice, walking in the park, talking with friends, reading books, listening to inspiring people and certainly in our children. They remind us that we need to act now and regenerate our planet for the upcoming generations.

What’s the story behind your brand’s name?

We called our brand Pure One to show its eco friendliness, consciousness, kindness and respect. Pure One means not just pure fabrics and pure clothes, but also pure mind, pure heart, pure values and pure world.

Be kind, be conscious, be Pure one! – this is our main message to the planet.

What inspired you to create your business? How did it all start?  

We were always concerned about environmental issues and wanted to create a project with a meaning.

We knew that the fashion industry is one of the most pollutive in the world and decided to make our impact in a sustainable and ethical direction. We didn’t want anyone to choose between beauty and eco-friendliness, and so we decided to create clothes that would be elegant as well as sustainable.

We started to search for the most environmentally friendly solutions with a goal to create eco-friendly clothes with a huge social impact, with respect to women who wear it, with respect to the nature and all people who create it. We communicated with hundreds of manufacturers around the world, studied the conditions of their work and checked their certificates. We passed several courses on sustainable fashion, visited the largest exhibitions in Munich and London and selected the best partners who could guarantee environmental friendliness of fabrics at all stages of production and safety for the skin and the environment.

Finally, we found the factory near Kyiv to control the quality and working conditions of seamstresses personally.

What are some of the products you have created that are closest to your heart? Please share them with us!

In every product there is a piece of our soul, but the organic peace silk dresses are special.

Did you know that in the ordinary production of silk, 6,000 cocoons with silkworms are boiled together to produce 1kg of silk fabric?

For the production of peace silk, the producer waits until the silk worms emerge as beautiful moths to continue their lifecycle, and only then gathers the cocoons for silk production.

So, such dresses make you feel good inside and out. And certainly decorated with embroidery that’s truly beautiful.

I also adore our banana kimono. It is really unique and is also created from a rare, unusual and highly sustainable fabric that contains banana fiber and peace silk.

Banana leaves were just a waste earlier but now they are the additional source of income for the local farmers and a wonderful sustainable material for us. This fabric looks incredible and has a natural golden color without dying.

How did you adapt to the current situation? What are the challenges you faced and how did you tackle them?

We faced lots of challenges during the past year, we had to wait for fabrics for months, we had to reject our events and traveling to the exhibitions, but when we couldn’t work, we just spent more time studying, creating something new, giving lectures etc.

Last August we also took part in the international contest and became one of the winners. We received a mentoring programme from Paris experts and had an opportunity to organise our first fashion show.

What made you choose Eco Fashion Labels to sell your products?

We always choose conscious and responsible partners and are represented only on platforms that are focused on sustainable fashion. When we first saw your website and read your articles, we understood that we really have common values and it will be a pleasure to work together.

What do you think the near future looks like for independent/sustainable brands like yours?

It’s great that more and more sustainable brands are popping up. The customers have more variety for sustainable choice and with every year, this choice will become more diverse.

Now lots of sustainable brands not just sell their goods, but also create social and educational projects, they raise awareness and with every campaign, they broadcast the importance of conscious living. In the near future there will appear more conscious customers, who accept sustainable fashion not as a trend, but as a norm of life.

One more important thing is that lots of innovations appear every year. There are lots of new sustainable materials such as mycelium, collagen, milk protein, fruit fibres, seaweed etc. And with every year and every exhibition this list grows immensely.

The same is with technologies. Brands can create digital looks, partner with sustainable platforms, use 3D-printing technologies, IT solutions and create «clever clothes», that for example can control your quality of sleep or doing sports. In the nearest future such solutions will deeply penetrate our lives and even more creative projects will appear.

What are the greatest challenges you think sustainable brands face?

For us, the biggest challenge is sourcing fabrics. There are no sustainable fabrics with necessary certificates in Ukraine, that’s why we need to source them from our international partners.

As we are a young brand, we order small amounts of fabrics and pay a lot for delivery and customs clearance. In the near future we certainly plan to shorten supply chains, but for now it takes lots of finances and time. 

What can be improved in this sector?

It would be great if more programs appear in order to support sustainable brands.

When we started two years ago, there was no information about sustainable fashion in Ukraine, that’s why we studied ourselves, passed the course on sustainable fashion of the London College of Fashion and some other courses, traveled to exhibitions to Munich and London and searched for various bits of information.

It’s great that there’s much more quality information and we also give lectures, but social and educational programs for sustainable brands and for conscious customers is still needed.

Pure One
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Thank you Marina for the interview! 🙂

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Written by: Chantal

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