Beflamboyant and be ethical

Beflamboyant started with our desire to undertake and reverse the enormous ecological footprint left by the fashion industry and its reliance on animal abuse and the exploitation of workers.

Interview with SEAY: It’s more than just beachwear

We design, produce and distribute sustainable clothing and low environmental impact beachwear collections using certified materials, a short supply chain and a marketing plan that raises the consumer’s environmental awareness...

Step closer to sustainability with the footwear brand N’go Shoes

N'go Shoes is one of those brands that demonstrates that you do not need to compromise style in order to be ethical. Read about how the brand came to be and the fantastic process behind the making of their shoes

sustainable fashion

Moda sostenibile: perchè tutto questo hype?

"Compra meno, scegli con cura, fallo durare" – Vivienne Westwood

L'industria della moda ha attraversato un vero boom nell'ultimo secolo.

Nel 1950 l’industria tessile già produceva in quantità massive. Si è dovuto aspettare 20 anni perché si iniziasse a notare l’impatto che

Your daily guide to a more sustainable life.

Yes, you might be extremely busy and unavailable. And yes, despite your passion for sustainability and a brighter future, you might find yourself exhausted and dismotivated to continually be

Váš každodenní průvodce udržitelným životem.

Ano, možná jsou naše životy zaplněné neustálou zaneprázdněností a nedostupností. A ano, i přes naši společnou vášeň pro udržitelnost a víru ve světlejší zítřky,

Eko materiály a udržitelnost kůže: analýza

Eko materiály -co je to zač a kolik vůbec víme o jejich výrobě? Kolik toho vlastně víme ohledně těch materiálů, které by měly být šetrnější pro nás, naší přírodu i pro pracovníky, kteří nám z těchto látek vyrábí oblečení.

Eco fabrics and the sustainability of leather: an analysis

Eco fabrics – what are they and how are they made? How much do we truly know about these materials that claim to be better for us, the environment, and those who work with them to create our garments?

Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather: The Sustainable Leather Shoe

When it comes to leather and sustainability, many of us are left confused and questioning what the best approach is in terms of less wasteful and healthier alternatives to current practices for both the planet and our own health.

Slow fashion in the world that can’t stop moving: how to give up fashion consumerism

In a world that is constantly rushing, moving and shifting towards better and more exciting ambitions and fantasies, it can sometimes get desperately difficult to take a deep breath and slow it down a little.