2021: 5 good ecological intentions for Next Year!

The arrival of the New Year creates many expectations every time. To leave 2020 behind us for good, we have all already begun to think about good intentions for 2021. Every year we promise to do more sports, save money and maybe go on a diet. For 2021, we at Eco Fashion Labels have thought of some good sustainable intentions that will help us live in a better and greener World!

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A Quick Guide to Certificates and Eco-fabrics: What Do They Mean and Why Are They Important?

Certification in the fashion industry is informative in that it can give us some valuable insight into the production process behind the fabric our clothing is made of, where it was produced, and

Fashion’s role in the time of a global drought: how to decrease water consumption.

Water is the beginning of everything. Water gives life to the lifeless and home to the homeless. Water is the eternal foundation of nature. And the time to spread awareness and

What is the impact of veganism on the environment?

When discussing climate change, one of the things that often comes up among the plethora of things we can do to fight it, is switching to a plant-based diet.

Your daily guide to a more sustainable life.

Yes, you might be extremely busy and unavailable. And yes, despite your passion for sustainability and a brighter future, you might find yourself exhausted and dismotivated to continually be

Slow fashion in the world that can’t stop moving: how to give up fashion consumerism

In a world that is constantly rushing, moving and shifting towards better and more exciting ambitions and fantasies, it can sometimes get desperately difficult to take a deep breath and slow it down a little.

Declutter with a sustainable capsule wardrobe

The term 'capsule wardrobe' was coined in the 1970s, to describe a different approach to fashion and shopping. The capsule wardrobe is unique to each individual,

Jenny Mustard: 7 tips on how to avoid FAST FASHION

We all know that going sustainable is life-changing but sometimes a little unattainable. Swedish YouTuber Jenny Mustard shows you how to remain sustainable yet fashionable and creative without spending a fortune.

Your conscious wardrobe: why is it relevant to buy sustainable certified fashion?

Sustainability. One word that appears to be shouting at us from every corner of postmodern societies. One word that has lately gained this virtuous and heroic status,