Happily dressed, green and fair: Dress ECOde

Dress ECOde is a project born in Italy, but aimed at international users, to help those who want to adopt a lifestyle that is more attentive to people and the environment, both privately and professionally.

Autoproduco.it: k nulovému odpadu a vlastní produkci!

V roce 2018 bylo v Irsku vyprodukováno téměř 60 kg plastového odpadu na obyvatele. Všechna data v Evropě nejsou uklidňující: Německo 38 kg, Itálie 37 kg, Česká republika 23 kg. Nakládání se všemi těmito plastovými odpady není snadné a často se to nedělá optimálním způsobem, takže se plast hromadí v prostředí bez omezení. Často o tom mluvíme, ale systém se nemění a je obtížné zvýšit povědomí.

Autoproduco.it: to zero waste and self production!

In 2018, almost 60 kg per capita of plastic waste were produced in Ireland. All the data in Europe is not reassuring: Germany 38 kg, Italy 37 kg, Czech Republic 23 kg.

Christmas gifts: the sustainable guide to not buy a boring gift!

Christmas is coming. How about not giving another boring gift?

Green Friday: our awareness to spread sustainability!

Green or black? That is the question. Black Friday is an American traditional event, that is celebrated every year on the Friday following Thanksgiving Day. It is a recent tradition linked to the world of consumption. It is not a real event, actually it is a way to attract people to spend more. But let's … Continue reading Green Friday: our awareness to spread sustainability!

We are celebrating 50+ sustainable brands!

Eco Fashion Labels is a global marketplace for sustainable fashion offering a wide range of sustainable, organic, fair trade, vegan, recycled and ethically produced apparel from all corners of the world.

Summer Outfits Inspiration | Women’s edition

Welcome ladies, we have a new fashion article just for you! Summer is not over yet and that's why we have decided to collect the best pieces from our e-shop and give you some inspiration for

Black Lives Matter: Listening, learning and supporting

With the compassion we show our planet through the environmental and human rights supporting choices we make in this community, it is of vital importance moving forward to show that same consideration, support and love for our fellow brothers and sisters living on this planet we are trying so hard to protect. This post will … Continue reading Black Lives Matter: Listening, learning and supporting

Fashion’s role in the time of a global drought: how to decrease water consumption.

Water is the beginning of everything. Water gives life to the lifeless and home to the homeless. Water is the eternal foundation of nature. And the time to spread awareness and

What is the impact of veganism on the environment?

When discussing climate change, one of the things that often comes up among the plethora of things we can do to fight it, is switching to a plant-based diet.